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Canalside Books, 2015. 110 pages, 57 colour photos, 7 line drawings, 30x26 cm, exposed binding with soft cover and hard back, full colour offset with UV inks.

Naturally is the second book from London-based Swedish photographer Bertil Nilsson. Over three years, Nilsson went on adventures into the wilderness with male dancers and acrobats to places like the Canary Islands, the Swiss Alps and the English woodlands. Together they create spontaneous performances documented as single exposures with the camera. In the resulting scenes, ranging from mysterious to emotive and at times seemingly defying reality, the landscape and nude form are transformed by the addition of red, black and white color pigments.

For Nilsson, this project is a personal exploration of the tension between his need to analyse patterns and impose structure, versus learning to trust in his intuition and allowing things to fall into place without a plan. 

The artistic interventions in the landscape and the themes of order and chaos are synthesised in the design of the book, crafted by Nilsson in the tradition of an artist’s book, using red stitching and two precisely hand-torn pages.

Please see Naturally project page for more information including more images and artist statement.

A page by page preview video of the book:

Some images from the book/project:

ISBN: 978-09568872-2-1

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